Inverto tech is an innovative climate tech start up that uses drones to plant, monitor and restore coastal wetlands. We worked with them to design an entire new brand, website and dashboard.

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Inverto are strong believers in the power of technology to help mitigate the worst effects of the climate crisis, they have created a unique solution, using drones to plant, restore and monitor mangrove forests at scale. They came to us seeking help in how to clearly communicate their brand, create a landing page to drive subscriptions and also a dashboard allowing users to monitor their subscriptions. Challenge: Inverto faced the task of developing a dashboard that allows users adopting parcels to monitor project metrics and observe the impacts on social, climate, and biodiversity aspects. The challenge encompassed crafting an easy-to-use interface, integrating diverse data sources, and ensuring accessibility for users with varying technical proficiency. The ultimate goal was to empower users to comprehend the tangible effects of their contributions on coastal restoration initiatives. Process: Creating the dashboard for Inverto Earth involved collaborative engagement with stakeholders to define metrics, followed by meticulous data collection across social, climate, and biodiversity dimensions. The design phase prioritized an intuitive interface featuring interactive visuals to enhance user experience. Solution: The devised solution for Inverto Earth comprised a user-centric dashboard tailored for parcel adopters, enabling them to monitor project metrics and observe social, climate, and biodiversity impacts. The incorporation of an intuitive interface and interactive visuals significantly increased user engagement. Customizable metrics, integration of user feedback, and mobile accessibility were implemented to facilitate seamless interaction, fostering increased contributor involvement and ensuring a dynamic dashboard experience aligned with evolving project goals. Project completed in collaboration with Cami Ferretti, Tom Graham, Montserrat Llerna, Angeles Roldan, Gee Watt & Danny Crossley at Noise Studio.


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