Africa Here & Now

Designing and building a low-code website for the Africa Here & Now podcast which provides in-depth analysis and commentary on african current affairs.

Low-code build


Martine Dennis





Martine Dennis is a gloablly recognised journalist and presenter with over 40 years of international broadcast news experience; from reporting the UN in New York, then presenting the BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa from London, presenting South Africa’s Carte Blanche from Johannesburg, to nearly two decades anchoring BBC World TV News from London and most recently at Al Jazeera in Doha. She is the host and creator of the Africa Here & Now podcast and needed a website to act as a central hub for her podcast. (Website available here: The challenge was to create a website that would be easy to maintain and update whilst also giving her the capability to collect donations for the podcast and link to the various plaforms the podcast is hosted on. To achieve this I created a website using framer that has a bespoke CMS blog. This allows Martine to easily add links to the various different podcast platforms and automatically creates an embedded player for each episode depending on the which link she has input. I also set up a donations button using gumroad in order for her to collect donations in oder to make producing the podcast sustainable.


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