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The University of Exeter ranks as one of the UK's top universities for academic outcomes, however they often have low student satisfaction scores. To address this, Exeter is in the middle of a digital transformation aimed at improving the university experience of their 30,000 students. We worked with them to create a new student app that would start to address the key problems students were facing.

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We started the project with an extensive user research phase to identitfy the key areas students were struggling with. This allowed us to pinpoint areas of the Exeter student experience that needed improving and then start to effectively prioritise these depending on student needs and technical feasability. The key areas that we identitfied to design and build for the MVP lauch were; finding a space to study in, finding information and resources, engaging in events on campus and planning time effectively. Through a process of continuous user research and co-ideation sessions we arrived at 4 main features for the student app. My Day: An overview of student's timetables, pulling in live data from the university's internal systems ensuring students are up to date with any schedule or room changes. Discover: An aggregator of all events happing across the university allowing students to browse sports, social, music and theatre events all in one place. Study Spaces: A live overview of all the study spaces available across the university's 3 campuses showing how busy each space is and allowing students to book specific spaces. Info Hub: An interactive checklist that updates with the most critic tasks students need to do at each stage of their studies. The app's design, build and launch acted as a catalyst for the university's wider digital transformation, they now have a dedicated design and development team continuously improving the app's features and performance. Project completed in collaboration with Tim Checkley & Caylee Farndon-Taylor at Loomery.


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